Here is what some of fabriKate's clients have to say:

I initially called Katie to check out her collection of kids clothes which are DIVINE. When I realized she also is a 'personal shopper', I kind of wrinkled my nose and thought 'that sounds like too much work'. How wrong I was! Katie QUICKLY and brilliantly figured out what I like, my style and my personality. I asked for some skirts: she found several. I asked for some sweaters: she found several. I asked for golf/tennis clothes: she found several pieces. It really doesn’t matter what I ask for, she magically finds it and its perfect or she alters it to make it perfect. Working with her has completely changed the way I shop, I don’t. FabriKATE does. Wait, I'm not done. Katie is an incredible and creative seamstress. She just added a frill to the bottom of my 6 year old's jeans which I couldn’t bear to part with. She also helped recreate a pillow that my daughter lost. Her talents truly do not end. She is a treasure.
Maria D.

Katie is so wondeful! I met her and we became instant friends. Not only is she amazingly talented she is also a fantastic person. She altered a ton of my clothes and actually redefined my wardrobe, making everything fit perfectly. We made wool city shorts out of old black pants and added gorgeous fabrics to things that needed a face lift. She also brought a bag full of clothes for me to try on and ALAS they all fit me beautifully and were a bargain! WOOP! I LOVE to shop but I can never seem to find anyhting that fits me quite as well as Katie does. She finds me gorgeous designer clothes without the steep price tag. I have the MOST amazing vintage, long, metallic ball dress she found me that I can not wait to wear. Thanks Katie. You're the best!
P.S. You should see what she has done with all of my daughters clothes!!!!!
Laura M.

Katie quickly pinpointed my style and has been finding me treasures ever since.  She has an unmatched eye for quality.  She's my fashion secret!
Julie S.

I came to Kate asking for something that I wasn't even sure could be done...I couldn't find a thing like it online. We met for coffee and she brought some of her very cute little girl things- her daughter has got to be the best dressed kid in Denver! Anyway, Kate threw out some ideas, then sewed a custom 'wrap" for my photo booth company.
I went from cringing at the sight of my booth- to loving
it and getting compliments on the custom handmade work. Everyone who sees the booth, books it! Kate has finished 3 more of these wraps since then, and each one is better than the last! I'm not posting pics...I know someone might steal her away! Thanks for your talent, attention to detail, and creative ideas!
Melissa H.
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