You too can have a personal shopper!
  • Prices are even lower than many consignment shops.
  • Shop in the privacy of my home store with personalized attention and fitting advice.
  • Have the expertise of my keen constantly on the look out for items that are exactly what you will and feel great in.
  • As a skilled seamstress, not only can I alter anything which doesn't fit perfectly but I understand clothing construction and fabric which helps me make the best choices for your figure.
  • The better I know you, the better the stuff you get!
  • Shopping at my house is like shopping with your best friend of your sister.  I am always here to tell you the truth.  I do this because I want you to fell great in the clothes I find for you and not sell you things that you might like but that don't suit you.  None of us need any more clothes that we don't wear!
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