I have been making the number tshirts for several years whenever my daughter has a birthday or attends birthday parties and they are always so well received by both the recipient and his or her parents. I started putting ruffles on the bottoms of my daughter's outgrown dresses and pants and they received so much attention that I started doing so for others.  They are fun, a little quirky and very affordable ($12-15 for tops and $18-25 for pants)!  My two piece outfits are a little more expensive but rarely top $40. I love to incorporate vintage fabrics and trims!

Fabulous number tshirts. Recycled Ts with new fabric applique.  $10-15
Vintage linens and trims as well as recycled pieces. $30-45Appliqued shirt $15-25

Girly, ruffled pants. Recycled pieces with new fabrics and trims. $22-30Coordinating Tshirts for ruffled pants. $10-15Super twirly dress and ruffled pants, all recycled materials. $40Vintage linens and trims (tablecloth, tea towel, pajama bottoms) on peasant top and apron skirt. $55. My apologies for the lousy staging.
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